Westbury Park WI Meetings 2016

6th January Yoga to start the New Year Sam Xenofou will be

taking us through and demonstrate Yoga to

invigorate us for the New Year.  Or we can sit and

watch if you have gammy knees like what I have.


3rd February Astrobiology – Well if you have watched

The Martian this is going to be nothing like it – or is it?

But we do have a presentation on

‘LIFE ON MARS’ from Mark Fox-Powell

Studying for PhD in Astrobiology, Edinburgh


2nd March -  Olivia Griffiths – Actress - Olivia gave us some historical background to The Romantic Poets of the 19th century. The poets were reacting to the industrialisation of the 18th and 19th centuries, and to the political upheavals in Europe and the push for Social Reform. They were also inspired by nature (idea of simple farming life, the noble savage and innate goodness in nature) as well as by childhood (idea of it being a time of purity, innocence, no conventions, no rules, uncorrupted by adulthood). And they were inspired by foreign travel – The Grand Tour and also looked back to Greek, Roman and Medieval periods as a more innocent time. She read a number of poems showing these themes. She had tried to find poems by women, but that had been quite hard!

The readings were followed by a time for questions.


Refugee camps in Calais - WI Member, Judy Atkinson, gave a brief talk about her recent visits to the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkerque. She gave an interesting overview of the work that is done in the camps and the Warehouses where the donations are sorted. Some of these are sent direct to Syria. The rubbish stuff is sold to raise money for the charities helping in the camps. She also helped a friend with providing First Aid – see dreadful injuries where people fall off the trains etc. and treat those who have been tortured in their home country. Babies are also born there. There is also a school for mainly Kurdish refugees –Judy provided some English lessons there. The camp is well organised with restaurant, theatre, church water and WCs. She went on to outline what happened when the demolition started on Monday. They then travelled to the Dunkerue camp as were no longer allowed in Calais one while demolitions happening. There a new camp has been built by the Prefect with much better conditions as he was so shocked by current conditions. But the numbers are greater than the number facilities provided for. If want to help or to go – Care for Calais website has all the info. http://care4calais.org/


6th April Sally Britton – Author of Phyllis’s war. 

Letters giving the child’s perspective of evacuation during the war.  

Sally gave a fascinating talk about her mother's experiences as an evacuee, as well

as telling us how she wrote and self-published a book about this part of her family

history. If you would like to buy a copy of Sally's book, please contact WP WI and

we will put you in touch!


4th May Resolutions – ‘Pub’ Quiz without the Pub! 

We started off with our Resolutions,, having a discussion about the resolutions that are going forward to Nationals.  

1. Dementia Care

2. Food waste campaign.

It is staggering the amount of food that is wasted especially when you consider we actually produce very little of what we consume in this country.  And I think we all felt in an ideal world having the Dementia Care resolution work would be wonderful but all of us very aware of the terrible constraints the NHS is under.

But we did it,  we had our talk/discussed and considered and voted. Thank you for all taking part.

We then moved on to the dastardly Maggie Powell Quiz! The picture round was a killer as well, amazing how completely different a logo looks when its massively magnified!  

Well done to everyone who took part.


8th June  Members only Gardening Extravaganza at Fi’s house 

It was a glorious summer evening! Thank you to Fi for hosting. Thank you also to Barry and Jayne for the floral demonstration. The American Supper made for a fun, social evening.


6th July Members only - Social and Skittles @ Eastfield Inn £5 per ticket

Buffet menu so a lot more choice!


3rd August  Jeff Bishop will conduct us on a 2 hour Historic Walk around Bristol Centre, 1400 to present day - cost is only £2 payable on the night. Early evening start (approx 6.30pm).


7th September Yoga from Sam Xenofou – learn about yoga.


5th October  A celebration of Turkish Food by Halil from Caffe Arabica - this will take place in the Guide Hut at the usual time.


2nd November AGM - Amanda White will be showing us how to do some impressive Gift wrapping


7th December Crafts – Green Garlands. Raffle - Tbc.


You are welcome to attend and be a guest on any of our ‘open’ nights
















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