President - Sue Wyatt-Jones

Joining the WI was a brilliant experience, meeting new people, experiencing new things (Bollywood Dancing being one) and generally having a great time with lovely people.  I also find it inspiring that the WI was the first time women had a democratic vote in this country and that we still make decisions on subjects that impact on all women at all stages of our lives.  My background Bristol University in my 30's and studied to do the work I now do in the NHS,  - Hearing Therapist.  

Love being on my own, gardening reading etc, very sedantary life in comparison to my youth when sailed, kayak'd wind surfed very out doorsy and sporty - where did I go wrong?'


Our Committee

                   New members always welcome

Abigail 50th

Secretary - Abigail Shepherd


A good name for someone who has to organise our committee meetings, minute what is discussed and liaise with everyone it seems.  Abigail is also our MCS rep which means she feeds member information to Avon and organises our emails, distribute the Newletters etc.

Treasurer - Lottie Walker

Lottie completes the banking and sorting of any monies to be paid in, out and everything else moneywise for Westbury Park WI



Our Committee members


Jane Payne : Durdam Down Group Representative, Westbury Park, Clifton, Blaise, Redfield, Brislington all belong to the Durdham Down Group.  Jane meets and liases with the other DDG reps and feedsback information to our Members.


Julie Hart: Resolutions Champion. Has been a long standing member and one of the Committee of the Redland May Fair which she has recently stood down after serving for 12 years.


Lorna Tarr: Has joined us from Clifton WI and is actively seeking new and exiting speakers for our 2019/20 programme.  She is also a WI advisor.


Jenny Smith a brand new Westbury Park WI member.


Any member can join the committee and we are actively seeking people who would like to manage the website and be involved.


All our members feed into the program we produce and all approaches to our WI for interested speakers are considered.  We are sorry if we cannot always fit you in but we will bear in mind any interesting topic for our members.



Please see Avon Federation of W.I.'s website for lots of further information


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